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salon & spa business consulting

I have gained so much knowledge & experience while working with some incredible people within the salon & spa industry, that I have created a space to help salon & spa owners run their businesses effectively! I have owned & operated Edges Salon & Spa with my family for 15 years and helped propel them to unbelievable success!


I believe it is so important to support and inspire one another to achieve our goals, and this business allows me to do that in a way that elevates the industry as a whole!


You can follow my Instagram where I share what I know, what I’m learning and what I love, and reach out if you'd like to work together on your business! I will be providing some free material, with the option to invest further to create a program specifically for your salon or spa. 


I have made some lifelong connections, friendships & partnerships within the industry and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and journey within the world of beauty & self care, while growing alongside your support!


Don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to connect with you!


Business Development Manager | GlamGraham_ Beauty Industry Expert

Services Offered

There are​ so many incredible resources out there for salon & spa owners to utilize and enrolled in to take their business to the next level, and I know they work because I've taken TONS! What is different about my services, is I will give you the tools to implement all that you've learned. What I've learned after taking years of education, is that if you don't implement it effectively, it doesn't matter that you even took it! You also learn SO much within these intensive courses, that it's hard to remember everything and ensure you're utilizing it properly. If you've taken any of the courses listed on the right, then I am confident I can help you take what you've learned and put it in a way that works for YOUR business and team.


The other issue salon & spa owners face is the cost of some of these programs, and their availability. As an individual consultant, I am able to offer reduced and customizable fees that work for your budget, whether you are a single operator or a business with a small to large team. You are also able to select individual services a-la-cart, so you are only paying for what you need!

Here is a brief list of services I offer, with more coming as my workbook gets completed! If you are looking for something specific, please reach out and lets chat!

  • Interior Design & Effective Layout

  • Brand Design

  • Logo & Online Content Design Templates

  • Social Media Set Up

  • Website Development

  • Employee & Business Contracts

  • Business Planning

  • Pricing Structure 

  • Payroll Structure

  • Policy & Procedure 

  • Front Desk Training

  • Software Set Up

  • Merchandising

  • Inventory Systems

  • Budgeting Systems

  • Employee Training & Retention

  • Retail Sale Strategies

  • Staff Daily Goal Tracking

      + MORE!

Contact me to discuss arranging a quote & creating something amazing to help elevate your business! I look forward to working with you!


Salon S.O.S.

I am excited to offer specialized online marketing services for salon and spas with Salon S.O.S! Through this partnership, I am able to get you set up with a new website, set up e-commerce services, activate Instagram engagement tools and create a custom Loyalty Program app for your business! SEO optimization and online webinars will be coming soon as well!

Mirabella Beauty

If you're looking into a new make up line for your business, or you carry Mirabella Beauty but need a refresher, please reach out to book a class with me! I can also provide assistance in planning your next Mirabella event, updating your application process and retail tips! I am so passionate about this brand and everything they believe in. The professional beauty industry deserves to work with high quality make up products, and offer products that provide real results for all their guests! is a brand new online platform that is revolutionizing the retail shopping experience for salon & spa guests. As the trend of online shopping continues to grow, the professional beauty industry could not be left behind. Modern Beauty Supplies created to allow clients to support their salon and stylist, while enjoying the convenience of shopping online! Clients now have access to over 7,500+ products and tools that get shipped right to their door, but are still guaranteed in their salon. As the Business Development Manager for ShopBeauty, I look forward to expanding the potential of this incredible platform and working with an amazing team to do so! 


Courses Attended

  • Inspiring Champions: 3-day Champ Camp Workshop

  • Inspiring Champions: Cash Flow Camp Workshop

  • Inspiring Champions: Associate Program

  • Inspiring Champions: Top Gun Front Desk

  • Summit Salon Business Program: The Summit

  • Summit Salon Business Program: Front Desk Doctor

  • Summit Salon Business Program: Take Command

  • Summit Salon Business Program: Get S.M.A.R.T

  • Unite Paramount Business 2-Day Workshop

  • Sopar Spa Management Workshop

  • Landmark Forum 3 Day Course

Edges Salon & Spa

"We at Edges Salon & Spa promise to always treat you like family. You allow us to make a difference in so many lives every day, including your own. Ongoing education allows our team to ensure your visit with us isn’t just an appointment, but an experience.

If we don’t help you pamper yourself … who will?"

I love that I am working in my field of expertise and really enjoy being able to focus on the marketing and branding for Edges. I plan on branding the company in a way that establishes a high level of prestige, and enables it to be a strong presence in our city and industry as a whole.

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