There are​ so many incredible resources out there for businesses to utilize to elevate their brand, but sometimes it can be too complex or expensive to utilize for start up businesses. We have developed simple and effective ways to give your business a professional brand, without requiring any expensive courses or hours of learning. There are options available for all technical levels, with constant support and access to guidance. As a small business, we are also able to offer reduced and customizable fees that work for your budget, whether you are a single operator or a business with a small to large team. You are also able to select individual services a-la-cart, so you are only paying for what you need!

Here is a brief list of services we offer. All services and investments

can be customized depending on your needs! 

Website Design 

Website Created with Wix (Domain & Hosting)

  • Access to 1000s of Images

  • Content Editing

  • SEO Optimization

  • Contact Forms

  • Online Store (Additional cost if more than 10 items)

  • Automatic Emails

  • Subscriber Capabilities with Campaign Management 

  • Wix Tutorial 


Brand & Logo Design

Brand Board

  • Logo – 3 Designs & Sizes in PNG, JPG & Vector Format

  • Brand Fonts

  • Brand Colour Palette

  • Brand Imagery

  • Letterhead Template

  • Email Header & Templates

Business Strategies

Employee & Business Contracts

  • Business Planning

  • Pricing Structure 

  • Policy & Procedure 

  • Customer Service Training

  • Merchandising

  • Inventory Systems

  • Budgeting Systems

  • Employee Training & Retention


Logo Design

Logo – 3 Designs & Sizes in PNG, JPG & Vector Format

  • 2 Brand Fonts

  • Brand Colour Palette

  • 3 Rounds of Adjustments



Tri-Fold Brochure or Menu of Services (Up to 4 Pages) 

  • 2 Rounds of Adjustments

Social Media Profile Images

Facebook Profile Image

  • Facebook Banner Image

  • Instagram Profile Image

  • Instagram Story Highlight Images (Up to 4) (more can be added for an additional cost)

  • Twitter Profile Image

  • Twitter Banner Image

Social Media Brand Design & Basic Plan

Feed Mood Board

  • 3 Post Templates

  • 2 Story Templates

  • Highlight Cover Template

  • IG Feed Design & Planning with UNUM

  • IG Present for Lightroom

  • Content Creation Prompts & Calendar 

  • 10 Hashtags & Caption Template

Business Card Design

Front & Back Business Card Design 

  • Cards Additional*

Contact us to discuss arranging a quote & creating something amazing to help elevate your business!

We look forward to working with you!

all pricing is subject to change and based on each clients individual needs.