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meet jessica graham | founder of terra

creative, passionate and ambitious, she is dedicated to developing a brand, website, marketing plan and business strategy that reflects what matters most to your small business. 


her ability to envision a brand image for your business and create it, coupled with her education and years of experience, will make your business flourish against your competitors.

reach out for more information and to set up a meeting!


meet meagan ircandia | photographer

world traveller, photographer and marketing enthusiast, she brings so much to the terra team! 

she loves utilizing her passion for photography to portray what you love most about you & your

brand. her experience is with couples, families, expecting mamas, newborns and lifestyle brand photography. 

together they can elevate your business image and give you the brand you've always dreamed of!


meet brielle merhi | marketing media consultant

super mom of two who is creative, caring and passionate, she is all about helping you grow your business

she thrives on finding the "why" behind what you do and has developed her skills to create a comprehensive social media plan for your business. her experience is with the beauty & wellness industry, but she has already grown to work with a variety of businesses.

together they can create a social media presence that works for you!

brielle merhi terra marketing

meet karlie kinsman | multifaceted artist & admin assistant

mom, artist and health & fitness enthusiast, she brings creativity, organization and dedication to your project! 

Karlie is dedicated to using her multi faceted artistic skills and creative vision to customize the ideal, one of a kind, bespoke logo to help your business really stand out amongst the crowd. Anything you can imagine, she can create, alter, and perfect to match your unique vision. 

With her attention to detail, organized and expeditious drive and communication skills, she works to keep everyone on track to excel your business and keep everything running smooth. 


my story

Why  terra.?

When developing a new brand, the first thing to look at is what is important to you? I knew it was time to start up the branding and marketing company I always dreamed of, and as I thought of what I valued most to inspire me, my children and family were always the answer. We named our daughter Luna, after the moon, as my husband and I always loved staring up at the moon and night sky, imagining the limitless universe and all it holds. Shortly after, we had a son and named him Forest, as our most precious memories were made in the great outdoors. They both represent the limitless love a parent has for their child, and has expanded our hearts more than we ever thought possible. 

As I thought of the moon & sky representing so much of what I loved, I realized the earth and its trees are what keeps me grounded. It is the foundation for us to live a life we love and be able to have somewhere beautiful to look at the night sky from. Our children captured our essence in their names and lives, and are the reason we do everything that we do.


Terra means earth or land in Latin, and the moment I heard it, I loved it. After a little more searching, it turned out Terra Mater (Mother Earth) is the Roman goddess of the earth, and being a mother is a huge part of my identity. A lot of the women I collaborate with are also mothers, and once I saw this, I knew I had found it. Everything fell in to place perfectly and  

terra was born.

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A little more about me ...


I started this business after successfully operating as a marketing consultant, as well as business consultant for salon & spa owners. I felt that I had so much more to offer my clients, so I decided to bring it all together and offer an experience that will bring your business to life in all aspects!


I have worked on a wide range of marketing projects for a variety of small businesses

and helped elevate their brands in ways they didn't think was possible.


My ability to envision a brand for your business takes the pressure off of you

and allows you to get inspired and love your business again.


I look forward to hopefully working with you!

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Want to know more?


I obtained my Bachelors of Business Admin with a major in marketing in 2015 from MRU and have worked at my family owned business, Edges Salon & Spa, for over 15 years. My passion for marketing helped catapult our brand and soon others in the industry were reaching out for help. I started my own marketing consulting company in 2016 and have had the privilege to work with so many local businesses.


What sets me apart is my drive to want the systems in your business to reflect the brand you want to portray. What is a good brand without a business set up to succeed? I have taken dozens of business courses from  some of the industry's best and brightest and taken all I've learned and applied it to the modern way of doing business. My expertise is in the beauty industry, having also worked as a business development manager for, however my network has expanded over many years and allowed me to create systems that work across a variety of businesses to help you work smarter not harder. I am excited to offer one-on-one salon & spa consulting and coaching, but the majority of materials and systems I've created can be used by anyone!


Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!

Reach out and introduce yourself if you'd like to work together or know more! Can't wait to collaborate!


- Jessica

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